Giant Liv Control Tower 2 Floor Pump

Giant Liv Control Tower 2 Floor Pump

Giant Liv Control Tower 2 Floor Pump
^ The Giant Control Tower 2 Floor Pump is everything you need in a floor pump. As if the high quality construction with a steel barrel and base weren’t enough the 2.0? gauge and high pressure/high volume switch set this pump apart from others in its class. The Control Tower 2 has a 160psi rating and is available in Liv/giant Purple, making it the perfect accessory for any cyclist’s garage. 2.0″ gauge Auto Head(TM) with ball inflator accessories High pressure/high volume switch Steel barrel and stable plastic base 160psi rating
List Price: $ 45.00
Price: $ 45.00

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Jenson USA Giant Bicycles “Bicycle Inflation”

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Giant Liv Control Tower 2 Floor Pump

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