1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock

1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock

1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock
@ Bike roof top carrier.
Steel powder coating.
The frame holder is easily secured to the frame of the bicycle and holds it steadily in place.
NO need to take the front wheel off.
Tie down straps to secure wheels included Manual and all accessories are included
Lockable feature keeps bike secure while in transit.
Will fit the bars Max. thickness: 40mm (1.6″) Max width: 110mm(4.3″)
Will fit all size bicycles
Place of made: Taiwan
Warranty: one year

  • Great Car Bike Roof Rack

List Price: $ 58.50


Bicycle Car Rack

Thule Apex 5 Bike Trailer Hitch Receiver Bicycle Racks and Carriers 9026 Installation Video and review by RackWarehouse.com. To order, contact us at 800-272-5362 or visit us at http://www.rackwarehouse.com/thule-9026-apex-5-bike-hitch-mounted-bicycle-rack.html
The Thule 9026 Apex 5 bike hitch mounted bicycle rack features a new sleek and stylish design that incorporates Thule’s new patented Road Dampening Technology, EasyMount System and Integrated Snug-Tite Stinger for the highest level of protection, convenience, safety, and security. The combination of the innovative EasyMount and Integrated Snug-Tite Stinger System makes installing your bike rack quick, easy and without any tools. To install the rack, simply push the bike rack into your receiver hitch until the integrated auto-hitch-pin snaps into place or engages with your hitch. Use the tightening knob to activate the anti-rattle mechanism – which helps eliminate vertical and horizontal movement of the rack by delivering 4 walls of fastening contact within the receiver hitch to provide a secure stable fit. The 9026 Apex is only compatible with a 2″ receiver.
Thule’s new Hold Fast anti-sway cradles with Road Dampening Technology (RDT) are designed for use with all bike frames including carbon-frames. The RDT cradle design is equipped with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) making the Apex cradle design unique. TPE offers a flexible soft texture that gently, but firmly, secures your bike frame and enables the cradles to absorb road shock and drastically reduce vibration for a smoother ride. The cradles also include SoftTouch Anti-Sway Cages which help provide extra stability, protection and prevent bike-to-bike contact.
The unique arc design of the mast and bike arms allows for faster loading, unloading and increased clearance from the ground and rear bumper. The slightly longer arched bike arms allow bikes to sit further apart and at various heights to help prevent contact between pedals and handlebars when loading, unloading and during transport.
The Apex includes a new and improved quick release Hitch Switch that enables you to fold the bike arms down when not in use and allows you to access the rear of your vehicle by tilting the rack away from the vehicle. The Hitch Switch mechanism has an audible click to reassure you that the arms and mast are securely locked in position. For security, the Apex includes a built-in cable lock that retracts into the end of one bike arm, and a locking mechanism on the hitch connection.
If you are concerned about rear mounted spare tire clearance or other compatibility issues please check out our Thule Hitch Rack – Fit Tips Chart.

1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock

2 thoughts on “1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock

  1. 35 of 35 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Bike Rack!!!, September 8, 2014
    David Bradshaw (San Francisco, CA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: 1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock

    I got a new Crossover (SUV like car) and wanted to keep my bike on the roof. I have used a hitch rack in the past with my car, but a hitch gets in the way of the tailgate and blocks the back of the car (license plate and backup camera). I purchased the factory brand crossbars from Ford and they installed super easy and then I installed this bike rack. The rack looked flimsy at first, but I gave it a try anyway and I am glad I did!

    The rack was easy to install, I stared by setting it up in the house next to my bike (for getting the size proper). I got worried as my bike was nearly as long as the rack… I continued anyway. I did some mock measuring (holding bike on rack) to get the best location for the arm and once I had that down I tightened it to the rack, after that I put the wheel straps on (they did not wind up in the idea location, but were close).

    I tried to test to see if the bike would fit in it properly, and I got worried again (so many worries…) as my bike had a ‘fat’ tube (it is a Felt Z95 and bottom tube is round). I found that I had to open the screw clay all the way to get it on properly. However, it did fit and wrapped around the tube nicely (nice and secure), but does require opening all the way (have to be careful not to go too far or the screw nob comes off).

    I put the rack on the vehicle (I have a 2014 Ford Escape), it went on easy, but I did have to get a stool to reach up to the location (I am 5′ 10″). The rack is easy to put on and just has a few of those easy to turn bolts.

    I now put the bike on…

    I had to use the stool (even holding on the fork and the back bottom triangle tube) as I could not get enough leverage/strength to get it up to the rack (probably could, but it is too much pressure pushing you backwards and I do not want to drop the bike; or scratch the car), so I bought a 13 inch collapsable stool and keep it stowed in the vehicle). I put the bike on toward the back, angle the arm upward and roll the bike toward it until the claw pops around the frame. I then tighten the bolt and lock it with the key (which makes it unable to unscrew it), and I tie the wheels down and I am done!

    I was worried about the stability and safety, so I took it for a test drive on a country road (paved, you will not want to take this on a dirt road).

    I tried braking hard, accelerating suddenly, and swerving, while you could hear some movement; it never came off or appeared to move when I would get out and look at it. It makes a lot of noises on bumpy (my yard or potholes/railroad crossing), but it does not appear to be moved when I get out to look at it.

    The locking screw is not for security, if someone wants to steel it, they will get it (they could just remove the rack from the car or remove the crossbars…), however, hopefully someone would see someone doing that it be suspicious… However, it is nice since you do not have to worry about the wind causing the knob to loosen.

    I will add that I leave the rack on the roof all the time (empty or not). I have not had any issues and and do not hear any wind noise with it on it. I bought a small dog collar to tie down the arm, but after a few uses without tying it down it does not appear to move or do anything so I am not going to bother hooking it down. My car has the aero bars that are really low profile and I hear no wind noise or anything with them, you may have a different experience, but this is mine.

    I also want to note that I have not changed my driving habits, I still go normal speeds, I just take turns a little slower and try to avoid potholes more or go way slower over bumpy roads. I have driven highway (70-75 mph) with this with no problems (sometimes forget it is up there). I have not noticed any issue with performance or efficiency in driving, although my bike is a road bike, so it is all ready very thin and aero, so maybe a larger bike may create some drag…

    With the bike on the vehicle I am not taller than a garbage truck (I recently passed one and noted our size), so I feel comfortable going through most things (I do avoid low hanging tree limbs). I have not tried a drive through, but I think it would fit… Might have someone spot me the first time (or just walk in….). It is a weird feeling not being able to see the bike (if you got a sun roof you can open it and look up, but you cannot carry as much with a sunroof, so I am glad I do not have one). I keep an eye on it with shadows, but otherwise you cannot see it, but as I get more comfortable with it up there I will not worry as much.

    I have posted some photos of my bike and car with the rack on this item’s page. It looks good and I am happy with it. This was the cheapest rack I could find for the roof, and I am glad I did not pay more for a name brand, as this one looks identical and works perfectly!


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  2. 44 of 46 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Not Bad For The Price, March 24, 2015

    This review is from: 1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks with Lock
    Not a bad bike rack for the price. I was afraid it would be cheap and flimsy but it seems sturdy enough to hold my mountain bike with 29″ tires. I installed it on my oem Subaru cross bars. I also made a how to install video and uploaded it on YouTube. Check it out if you are interested in seeing a more in depth look at the bike rack. (https://youtu.be/3KvPW3xQkMo)


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