Ibis 928 DT Swiss 29 in. Wheelset

Ibis 928 DT Swiss 29 in. Wheelset

Ibis 928 DT Swiss 29 in. Wheelset
^ Since impact-damage is the way most carbon rims are destroyed, the 928 Carbon rims are hookless to increase resilience. By eliminating the inverted “J”, the rim is designed with a solid rectangle in place of the hook, allowing the rim to be much stronger in the area where impacts occur. This spreads the impact out over a larger area that is also supported by more material. After extensive testing, Ibis found a 50 – 300% improvement in impact strength than competing rims with hooks. Aside from the progressive rim width, the carbon fiber construction has allowed Ibis to build a 375 gram rim, which is lighter than many of the narrower, weaker, allow rims on the market. Additionally the carbon material provides a stiffer, more responsive ride. The lack of wallowing sidewalls, and the dramatic increases in rim stiffness and contact patch area, enables a sturdier, planted feel. Each spoke hole is individually reinforced with extra carbon to achieve a stronger rim than the spokes, so the rim won’t damage if a spoke breaks. The 928 is built with 32 conventional spokes and standard exposed nipples. This allows tuning without special tools or dismounting the tire and rim tape. Although, using few spokes may be lighter, using more spokes offers better long-term durability. The Ibis 928 Carbon 29″ Wheelset: May not be as wide as its Ibis 941 and 741 brothers, however, it is on the lighter side of things. This version of the 928 comes complete with a DT Swiss 350 rear hub with a 54 tooth ratchet that’ll give you a 6 degree engagement in one of the most highly relied upon hubs on the market. Benefits of wider rims: Reduced rolling resistance Stiffer, stronger wheels Better braking control More predictable feel Hookless bead rims are far stronger Wheelset Features: 29″ diameter Wheelset Weight: 1580g 7075 high strength alloy nipples 28 mm outside, 22 mm inside width 15x100mm front thru axle compatible, 142x12mm rear
List Price: $ 1,450.00
Price: $ 799.99

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