Kask Mojito Road Bike Bicycle Helmet

Kask Mojito Road Bike Bicycle Helmet

Kask Mojito Road Bike Bicycle Helmet
^ Kask Mojito Road Bike Bicycle Helmet. Kask is still a relative new comer on the Bicycle Helmet market, only starting in 2004, but when the Kask Mojito was worn by Bradley Wiggins in his 2012 Tour de France victory, and then again by Chris Froome when he won in 2013, the Bicycle Helmet became one of the most sought after in the world. And for good reason. The Mojito combines best-in-class technology and features with a distinctive Italian design that will stand out from the crowd. The body of the Bicycle Helmet is constructed using In Mold technology that joins the polystyrene liner to the outer polycarbonate shell, resulting in a stronger. Within the In Mold construction is Kask’s patented MIT technology, which is a polycarbonate shell that completely covers the outer shell on the top, the back and on the base ring at the back to help the Bicycle Helmet keep it shape. 25 large exterior vents help pull air into the Bicycle Helmet to keep your head cool, and the distinctive, innovative shape helps reduce wind drag. Two hits of reflective, hi visibility material on the back help keep you visible in low light conditions, for those days when the ride carries on longer than you thought. The Mojito is as packed with comfort features on the inside as it is with structural features on the outside. The Eco Leather chin strap is produced from a leatherette material that is very comfortable on the chin, and won’t irritate your chin or neck if you have a few days of stubble going on. The Sanitized interior pads are treated with an antibacterial and antimicrobial Silver Ion Sanitized process to keep them feel, and smelling fresh. And speaking of pads, there are plenty of them, positioned 360 around the head to keep you comfortable and eliminate pressure points. Retention is handled by the Up Down harness, which gives you the most precise and comfortable fit possible. The dual pivot design allows the back of the head to be cradled and the height perfectly adjusted–giving you the ideal fit every time you put on the Bicycle Helmet–even with a cap or winter hat.
List Price: $ 199.99
Price: $ 199.99

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