Tifosi Jet Eyewear

Tifosi Jet Eyewear

Tifosi Jet Eyewear
^ Tifosi Jet Eyewear. The streamlined shape of the Tifosi Jet Eyewear slices through the wind and shields your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Hydrophilic rubber details keep the Grilamid TR-90 frame in perfect position. Decentered lenses with reflective finish enhance visual clarity and reduce glare, so you can stay focused on what’s ahead.
List Price: $ 39.99
Price: $ 39.99

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Performance Bicycle Tifosi “Cycling Eyewear”

If you love to ride under the summertime sun, then you’ll appreciate what the Podium Fototec cycling sunglasses do to protect your vision. Microscopic photochromic particles embedded in the Smoke lens react to UV rays in bright conditions and darken the optics, so you’ll never squint. When the clouds roll in again, these particles return to their previous state and let through more light — all within a streamlined and stylish frame.


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Tifosi Jet Eyewear

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