Sram/Avid Brake Parts

Sram/Avid Brake Parts

Sram/Avid Brake Parts
^ Use for servicing hydraulic brake hoses Avid/SRAM Hose Barb and compression Olive Features Fits all Avid/SRAM hydraulic brakes
List Price: $ 21.00
Price: $ 21.00

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Jenson USA Avid “Bicycle Parts & Components”

Avid Brakes are the second most popular brakes on the market. Avid, a partner company of SRAM makes brakes at all price ranges.

SRAM and Avid brakes are incredibly flexible and allow users to really dial in the amount of brake dwell depending on what they like. Brake dwell is the amount of time it takes the brakes to react from the time you pull the brake lever.

You can find Avid brakes at your local shop or on through the following link.

In the past year Avid has had some hardships with their brakes, check out the video to see a few of the items documented.

Avid brakes lineup includes the elixer 1, elixer 3, elixer 5, elixer 7, elixer 9, X0 and XX models.

Thanks to Chris at Cadence Cyclery for being our brake specialist and helping with this video.

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SramAvid Brake Parts

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