Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control

Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control

Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control
^ Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control. The Road Machine Smart Control trainer gives you a best-in-class frame, a breakthrough electronic resistance unit, and data delivery to any Bluetooth enabled device. This trainer comes equipped with a rugged powdercoated steel frame, steel and aluminum structural parts, and durable rubberized grips. The Road Machine Smart Control boasts a massive 14.3lb custom machined flywheel to ensure terrain choices are simulated exceptionally accurate, and a large diameter roller to reduce tire friction for a smooth ride. It accommodates wheel sizes 22-29, connects with nearly all bikes, and folds flat for easy storage. The Road Machine trainer also features app-controlled resistance, remarkably quiet operation, accurate and reproducible data, and the ability to make it all work for you on any Bluetooth connected device. This trainer has a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing a training app. It is compatible with both Apple and Android OS, as well as Kinetic Fit, Zwift, Trainerroad, and more. Each Road Machine Smart Control comes with a free 6 month subscription to the Kinetic Fit power-training app.
List Price: $ 649.99
Price: $ 649.99

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