Catlike Whisper Bicycle Helmet

Catlike Whisper Bicycle Helmet

Catlike Whisper Bicycle Helmet
^ Catlike Whisper Bicycle Helmet. The Catlike Whisper has become kind of an icon the famed Spanish Bicycle Helmet maker, and was the lid that put them on the map. Worn by Olympic gold medalists, World Champions, and King of the Mountains winners, the Whisper is still one of the best performing and most recognizable lids on the road. The Whisper features a design that’s unlike anything else, and breaks all the rules of Bicycle Helmet design to create something that fits like a dream, is lightweight, breathes well, and looks stunning out on the road. Featuring Catlike’s Safety CES honey-comb foam core that dissipates impact energy, and the Safety LNP design that protects the low nape of the neck in the event of a crash, the Whisper has some of the best protection technology out there. The MPS Evo fitting system ensures you get a perfect fit every time, and the Dual Flow vent system perfectly matches up the 39 air-intake and exhaust vents in the front and back to efficiently channel air across your head. And all at a mere 283 grams.
List Price: $ 189.99
Price: $ 189.99

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