Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet, Carbon Black, Small

Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet, Carbon Black, Small

Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet, Carbon Black, Small
@ VINTAGE MOTO MEETS MODERN MINIMAL. Carbon Black Small Helmet. Thousand combines style and safety with their Heritage Collection of Bike Helmets. Made with an old-style motorcycle trim, magnetic locking, and a rubberized matte finish, this helmet in carbon black is perfect for everyday wear. The clean, simple, attractive, easy, streamline helmet is crafted with awesome airflow and materials that come from manufacturers that meet Thousand’s ethical standards. The unisex design looks great on both men and women. Thousand’s secret PopLock patent pending technology will keep your helmet locked to your bike.

  • Lightweight helmet at 410g (S), 450g (M) or 490g (L) with our 3 ABS shells and EPS foam.
  • Built to meet CPSC and EN1078 standards.
  • Includes 2 sets of interior padding for a custom fit.
  • With our Secret Poplock. Now you can Secure your Helmet to your bike!
  • Vegan Leather Straps

List Price: $ 85.00

Price: $ 85.00

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Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet Carbon Black Small

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