Elite Qubo Digital Interactive Trainer

Elite Qubo Digital Interactive Trainer

Elite Qubo Digital Interactive Trainer
^ Elite Qubo Digital Interactive Trainer. The performance of the industry-leading Elite Qubo trainer has gone interactive, and now brings the power of ANT+ encoded, electronically adjustable data feedback to your experience. The Qubo is a traditional wheel on trainer, meaning that it requires nothing more than changing out your skewer to the provided trainer-compatible model to use. Simply clamp your bike in and you’re ready to go. The Qubo Digital Interactive trainer utilizes the ANT+ protocol that is used by most bike accessories, including heart rate monitors (not included), cadence sensors (not included) and power meters (not included), so you can take full advantage of these features with a head unit like a Garmin or other ANT+ supported hardware. The ANT+ connectivity also allows for two-way communication with the trainer, allowing Zwift, E-Training, or other apps to control the electromagnetic resistance unit for a more realistic training experience. The Elite Qubo Digital Interactive Trainer is also compatible with the My E-Training app, and comes with a FREE one year subscription that lets you track and manage your training, as well as giving you access to advanced training sessions, videos and workouts. When used with an ANT+ USB dongle (included) The Elite Quobo can also be used with Zwift for a fully interactive training experience. A 1 month free subscription to Zwift is also included for FREE.
List Price: $ 599.99
Price: $ 449.99

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