Blackburn Local Saddlebag Pannier

Blackburn Local Saddlebag Pannier

Blackburn Local Saddlebag Pannier
^ Blackburn Local Saddlebag Pannier. Maximized capacity in a lightweight and easy-to-use design, Blackburn Local Saddlebag Panniers are a rugged solution for carrying your gear. These panniers are compatible with all standard racks but are Interlock Compatible, which means a single keyed lock secures the panniers when used with Blackburn Interlock racks. There are flasher loops on either side, and a shoulder strap is included.
List Price: $ 64.99
Price: $ 58.49

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Performance Bicycle Blackburn “Bicycle Saddlebag”

The Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag is perfect for a week long adventure or an all day pleasure ride. An expandable bottom compartment accommodates more mission critical gear. Lots of mounting options and two different sizes to fit most hardtail bikes.

ABOUT BLACKBURN | In 1975, Jim Blackburn looked at the at the emerging cycling culture and knew he could make a difference. That meant thinking from the user’s perspective, showing respect for materials and their functionality, while bringing unprecedented innovation. Over the years, we’ve taken those principles to build gear that allow people to go further, do more and be prepared for anything.

Blackburn Local Saddlebag Pannier

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