Bern Women’s Berkeley Bicycle Helmet

Bern Women’s Berkeley Bicycle Helmet

Bern Women's Berkeley Bicycle Helmet
^ Bern Women’s Berkeley Bicycle Helmet. Superior style and head protection belongs to the Bern Women’s Berkeley Bicycle Helmet. It’s perfectly constructed for women who love to cycle, skate, ski, snowboard, and more. Bern’s tough, PVC shell is fused with their exclusive Zip Mold liquid foam injection process, providing a better strength to weight ratio for a thinner, lighter and lower profile Bicycle Helmet. Channeled vents keep your head cool while the detachable visor keeps you looking cool. Sink Fit design fits lower for better protection and accommodates sunglasses or goggles.
List Price: $ 79.99
Price: $ 79.99

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Performance Bicycle Bern “Bicycle Camping”

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The Cougars are on the prowl, and not the kind that flock to suburban
ski bars , these are helmets designed for skiing and snowboarding. The
Cougar is the nicest of the Women’s Bern line and has 10 vents (8 of
which are adjustable) and a removable brim for added style points. You
will never be too hot or too cold, and of course will remain as
good-looking as always. We know that you won’t ever stop vying for
those twenty-something ski bro’s attention, so you might as well have a
safe, and stylish helmet while you’re at it. The main difference
between the Cougar 2 and Cougar is that the “2” has a velcro adjustment
on the back of the liner.

Bern Womens Berkeley Bicycle Helmet

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