Dabrim Sporty Cycling Bicycle Helmet Visor

Dabrim Sporty Cycling Bicycle Helmet Visor

Dabrim Sporty Cycling Bicycle Helmet Visor
^ DaBrim Sporty Cycling Bicycle Helmet Visor. This sporty cycling visor provides 360 UPF50+ sun protection, water resistance, and can withstand wind up to 35mph. Great for use in most any weather, this visor can be attached or removed with just the tightening of a strap and securing of a buckle. This visor also helps keep heads cool by not obstructing Bicycle Helmet vents. Whether you’re touring, mountain biking, commuting or riding recreationally, this visor is a great companion for extra protection for the sun, wind, and rain.
List Price: $ 44.95
Price: $ 44.95

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Road bike helmet review that came with my ViVELO Road Bike (www.vivelousa.com). I only got up to about 32 mph during the review, but I felt like I had excellent coverage and protection from the wind. The helmet’s visor came down over my face comfortably, and the lenses seemed to offer excellent clarity. I only showed the dark lens, but the company also does amber and clear visors as well.

Fit on the helmet was good, and I felt like this was one of those road bike helmets that actually looked good on my head. Because of the nature of the visor, you wear the helmet a little more forward on your head than you might be accustomed to, but that’s actually the position that gives you the best protection in case of an accident, and I adjusted to it quickly. Closure system is secure and easy to use too. New favorite helmet for sure! For 0, the helmet is right there with Giro, Specialized, etc and I don’t have to buy a 0 pair of glasses too!

Dabrim Sporty Cycling Bicycle Helmet Visor

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