Gugou® Bike Light Headlamp 9T6 15000LM 3 Mode with 8.4v 12000mah 18650 battery pack +charger Cycling Bicycle flashlight 9*Cree XM-L T6 (Black)

Gugou® Bike Light Headlamp 9T6 15000LM 3 Mode with 8.4v 12000mah 18650 battery pack +charger Cycling Bicycle flashlight 9*Cree XM-L T6 (Black)

Gugou® Bike Light Headlamp 9T6 15000LM 3 Mode with 8.4v 12000mah 18650 battery pack +charger Cycling Bicycle flashlight 9*Cree XM-L T6 (Black)

LED:9 x Cree XM-L XML T6 LED
LED Color :White
Material: High quality aluminum alloy
Luminous Flux: 15000 Lumen (Max)
Power Source: 8.4V 12000mah 18650 Battery Pack
3Modes: High /Low /strobe
Construction: Waterproofing design(not for Diving)
High-performance electronic switch: Slightly click the switch to turn ON/Off the light
Lens: Coated Glass Lens
Light Dimension: about 57mm(D) x 71mm(H) x 54mm(L)
Color: Black
Application: Can be used as Headlamp or Bicycle Light

Package Included:

1pc X Super bright 9T6 bike light
1pc x 8.4V 18650 12000mah battery pack
1pc x AC battery charger
2pcs x o-rings
1 pc x HeadLight Band

  • 9 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Super Bright 15000Lm LED Headlight Headlamp and Bicycle Light
  • ntelligent circuit control, 3 switch modes: High / Normal / Low / Strobe
  • Waterproof design,12000mah6x18650 battery,
  • The lamp support fixing on the bicycle with the rubber ring, working as a bicycle lamp.
  • Perfect Choice for outdoor activities like cycling, camping, traveling, hiking, etc

List Price: $ 39.99


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2 thoughts on “Gugou® Bike Light Headlamp 9T6 15000LM 3 Mode with 8.4v 12000mah 18650 battery pack +charger Cycling Bicycle flashlight 9*Cree XM-L T6 (Black)

  1. 29 of 31 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    It is 10,000 lumens alright!, June 6, 2015
    Jason M. Eiting (Milwaukee, WI Usa) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    After hours of R&P (Research and Purchasing) I came across this nifty little light.
    This small (2.5″) diameter packs a wallop of light and can light the trail ahead of you about 100 yards or more.
    It has a rechargeable battery that you simply use the provided cord and plug it into the wall and charge away.
    It mounts via a small 3/16″ rubber band that hooks into a bracket which is attached to the light. The light has a small grippy cushion that stops the light from moving while riding. Though it does or can move slightly over large bumps I add a little electrical tape to add a little more stick.
    I feel like I might blind cars coming from the other direction but it make you feel safer that you can see where you are headed.

    With all the advantages of my above comments, please read the following….
    There is one HUGE downfall that I feel I may not have read in any of the reviews.

    When the battery dies the light goes completely off!!! Not like other lights that may slowly fade away until the batteries are dead. This HUGE downfall actually partially caused me to crash into a metal guardrail that the county uses to block cars from entering the bike trail at night. The rail does not have any reflectivity stickers on it or marking on the asphalt and about 50′ or so before the rail came up the light went out, I had this light pointed down slightly to illuminate the road within 20′ of me nicely therefore did not see the rail in advance. I had another smaller light I tried to quickly turn on while slowing the bike down. As I got the other light on the rail was 5′ in front of me and I hit that thing going about 5 miles an hour which was still enough to knock me off the bike, dump the bike, and break the nylon rope holding the gate closed. Still thanking god this gate had the nylon rope, the other 6 gates have metal chains….

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  2. 20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Hope this information helps someone., August 5, 2015
    David K. Dalpezzo (Glen Rock, PA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I bought this light for bicycling on remote (rural) roads and to replace four 3-LED Schwinn lights. I had two stainless U-bolts holding wooden 1″ wooden dowel rods, one on the bike frame and one on the handlebar extension, each holding 2 Schwinn lights. This setup allowed two lights to stay aligned with the frame and two to stay aligned with the front wheel when turning. The roads I ride on are rough and have slight hills (don’t feel “slight” when pedaling up them sometimes!). I used to supplement the Schwinn lights with a 150 lumen headlight but stopped wearing that because it was glaring off the inside of my safety glasses. This being said, I was looking for something with more illumination to replace the four Schwinn lights.
    This light looked good, and the price was right. After using it for several late evenings (after 10 p.m.), I have the following review:
    – the “10000 lumen” listing is a joke. While the light is bright, it isn’t as bright as my 200 lumen handheld surefire. I think someone made the common mistake of adding the 7 individual LED lumen values together versus using one LED’s value and started with the incorrect rating anyway. I would say this light is more along the lines of 200 lumens.
    – no matter what the actual lumen value, this light is bright, so don’t pay attention to the lumens. On high, I can clearly see 75-90 yards in front of me without any issue. In addition, the beams focus now allows a line of light to cross from left to right in front of me so I can see the whole road, not just a centered area directly in the light’s path. I can also read road names (street signs) that were dark (unreadable) with my four Schwinn lights, which had a more focused beam. I like having the whole area in front of me lit up because it allows me to see critters that may be meandering along the road and avoid them (don’t need to scare a skunk – that wouldn’t make my day!). Since I can see a lot more in front of me now, I have no need to have lights attached so they turn with the handlebars, so I removed that mounting system, leaving the one attached to the frame (see photos).
    – the mounting system for this light sucks. Rubber rings (bands)? The top half of the mount fits perfectly over the 1″ wooden dowel I have attached to the bike frame. However, the light shifted several times when I hit rougher patches on the road. I ended up buying some 17 gauge stainless steel wire at True Value ($5 +/-) and looping it over the light’s mounting tabs and under the dowel and tightening it with pliers. Mounting issue solved – it no longer shifts. I don’t know what genius thought the rubber band mounts were a good idea, but they aren’t for non-smooth roads. And, what do you do for replacements when the rubber dries out or breaks? I threw the headband away – this is a bike light for me, not a portable flashlight, and I have no reason to look like a coal miner.
    – I didn’t fully charge the light when I got it. The first night it worked fine (90 minutes) on high, and the next night after 15 minutes it suddenly went out. As others have stated, no warning at all – just nice and bright and then nothing. It would have been nice to have it strobe for a second before going out like it did. I carry my surefire in my cargo bag so I ended up using that for the rest of my ride. I will now charge the light every day when I plan to ride that evening! You get used to the nice bright light and when it went out, the darkness seemed even more dark! Luckily, I was able to stop the bike without issue to get the surefire out of my bag. I now carry my 150 lumen headlight (and spare AAA batteries for the headlight) in my bag as an emergency backup (if I don’t have a moon, I can’t see anything without my own light).
    For the price and my ability to resolve the mounting issue, I am very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it. If you have rough roads/trails and expect the rubber band mount to work, then look at a different light because it won’t.

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