Sixsixone Recon Knee Pad — 2016

Sixsixone Recon Knee Pad — 2016

Sixsixone Recon Knee Pad -- 2016
^ SixSixOne Recon Knee Pad — 2016. Introducing the Recon Knee Pad, a lightweight, high tech, pedal friendly, all mountain knee pad with XRD Protection Technology. The Recon’s minimal, breathable chassis includes XRD Technology that conforms to your body’s every move, yet upon impact instantly forms a comfortable protective shell around your knee. Stretch mesh back with an elastic strap over the calf to keep the pads from moving. Wear SIXSIXOne EVO Cycling Shorts and the Recon Knee pads attach via the new PADLOCK connection system. The system inner-connects pieces, keeping your pads in place where they’ll do the most good, regardless of how you move. You just lock it and forget it. XRD Extreme Impact Protection XRD Protection technology is a multi-purpose foam uniquely designed for wearable impact protection. It is thin, soft to the touch and comfortable when worn. Yet it firms upon impact to form a protective shell around the wearer. The molecular structure of XRD Technology is engineered to provide consistent performance and impact absorption even after repeated impacts and long-term use.
List Price: $ 59.99
Price: $ 59.99

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Sixsixone Recon Knee Pad 2016

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