The Slow Bicycle Companion

The Slow Bicycle Companion

The Slow Bicycle Companion
@ ‘The Slow Bicycle Companion: inspirational quotes from cycling’s golden age’ celebrates the golden age of cycling, before the noisy arrival of the motor car and the heavy goods vehicle, when lycra, hi-viz and plastic hats were unknown, bicycles had no brakes let alone gears, and tweed-clad riders puffed on cigars as they pedalled along peaceful country lanes. If you are a fan of the Slow Bicycle Movement and wish to return to a less hurried, more civilised, and perspiration-free style of cycling, this book of quotations will inspire and amuse in equal measure.


Bicycle Commuting

Chris Boardman and master driving instructor Blaine Walsh explain how to safely overtake cyclists, referring to rule 163 of the Highway Code. And also watch the companion video, SIDE BY SIDE. This discusses how riding two abreast is recommended in the Highway Code, and how it’s safer to overtake a group of two by two riders than a long line of cyclists strung out.

The Slow Bicycle Companion

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Enjoyable For Reflective Reading, March 17, 2013

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    This review is from: The Slow Bicycle Companion (Kindle Edition)
    I downloaded book because I was born in a generation where the bicycle was the greatest instrument of travel. Everyone from the paper delivery boy up to the college principal used to ride bicycles to their destination every day.

    This book has picked up some very interesting and illuminating quotations from the age of bicycling. That also, in relation to non-strenuous slow cycling.

    The book is extremely enjoyable, and will give a lot to those people to reflect who want have glimpses of the past.

    *** Highly recommended

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  2. I find it very hard to overtake cyclists sometimes, I'll stay back and wait until I know I can make it past them safely. The problem with this though is if I'm going slowly behind them, after a short while other motorists behind me start getting aggressive beeping at me and hurling abuse at me for holding them up. It makes me feel very panicky and makes me consider to just give up driving.

    I'm guessing the other motorists get angry with me because there probably were opportunities when I could have overtaken the cyclists safely which the other drivers could see but I couldn't because my judgement isn't that great yet.

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  3. what is the difference between being stuck behind a group of cyclists and a Farmers tractor or a slow moving JCB? The tractor and JCB will pull over now and then and allow the ques of traffic behind them to pass.

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  4. a nice informative video. ~~~~WAVY LINE~~~~ WAVY LINE~~~~ and here we are in reality again. The driver waiting for a safe place to pass could be held up by this row of cyclists for as much as a mile at a reduced speed of 10 – 20 mph. There may be a long que 20+ cars behind the nice neat row of cyclists. Should this well drilled neat row of Cyclists meet a hill they may slow down to 7 mph. Imagine if you will all the drivers stuck behind this slow moving obstacle in the road. Some on their way to work may be. Possibly a man and his wife desperately trying to get to the hospital because their baby is on the way. yes reality suck don't it Mr Boardman.

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  5. At 1:42, surely the basic reason for not overtaking (as well as the lack of visibility mentioned) is that there are double white lines that must not be crossed? And at 1:50, the space left is quite a bit more than you'd give a car I believe, but there's no harm in being over-cautious I suppose.

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  6. regarding the "brow of hill" at 01.52 I think the problem is a long zoom from a distance which does give a brow and blind spot versus being near the top of it which I assume gives visibility.

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  7. Rule 101 of the Highway Code states that if a driver operates his/her vehicle dangerously and in such a way that the cyclist feels his/her personal safety or physical well being is threatened, the cyclist is permitted to run their house keys along the side of the driver's car.

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