Sixsixone Rage Hard Knee Pad — 2016

Sixsixone Rage Hard Knee Pad — 2016

Sixsixone Rage Hard Knee Pad -- 2016
^ SixSixOne Rage Hard Knee Pad — 2016. Serious downhilling and freestyling (and it’s all serious) require serious protection. That’s why you’ll want the extra protection and freedom offered by SixSixOne Rage Hard Knee Pads. Completely redesigned for 2016, Rage Hard Knee Pads, like the rest of the series, are lighter, have extended coverage zones and improved breathability. A new, low-profile chassis protects a larger area of the knee, which is covered by a flexible knee impact cap covered with Kevlar, with a hard cap sewn over the top to deflect and help slide in a crash. Stretch mesh sandwiches dense perforated impact EVA on the inside outside of knee, and the rear of pad is breathable stretch mesh. There’s also back-of-calf elastic and hook-and-loop closures that help keep the pads in place. Wear SIXSIXOne EVO Cycling Shorts, and the Rage Hard Knee pads attach via the new PADLOCK connection system. The system inner-connects pieces, keeping your pads in place where they’ll do the most good, regardless of how you move. You just lock it and forget it.
List Price: $ 74.99
Price: $ 74.99

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Sixsixone Rage Hard Knee Pad 2016

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