Cycling for Women

Cycling for Women

Cycling for Women
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Cycling Track Women’s Keirin Final Full Replay from the Velodrome at the London 2012 Olympic Games. — 3 August 2012

Cycling is among the rare sports that have always featured on the Olympic programme. Road cycling, however, was not on the programme of the Paris 1900, St Louis 1904 or London 1908 Games, while track cycling wasn’t in the programme of the Stockholm 1912 Games.
The first road event in Olympic history took place in 1896 on the marathon route at the first Games of the modern era in Athens. The race started in Athens, headed towards Marathon, then returned to Athens, at the Phaliron velodrome.
Olympic cycling was added to the women’s programme in Los Angeles in 1984, with an individual road event.
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Cycling for Women

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