Bicycle Touring Map: Western Express Section 4

Bicycle Touring Map: Western Express Section 4

Bicycle Touring Map: Western Express Section 4
@ From Dolores to Pueblo, CO. The 4th of 4 of the Western Express Section. Adventure Cycling Association Bicycle Touring Maps are, rest assure, the best series of long distance guidemaps for anyone venturing on one of these long distance tours. Route information is up to date and accurate as is possible, roadsign style icons mark rest stops, camping sites, hostels, motels, restaurants, grocery stores, bicycle repair shops and more. The map is divided into 16 panels, one index map and 15 others that will fold perfectly to display the section of the route that you need to see while traveling. Most map segments can be traveled in one day riding.

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Watch in 720p full-screen to view map info. Visit for more info. – Waypoints: 0:13 Mayflower Drive
0:14 Concord Lane
0:14 Lexington Circle
0:15 Tremont Drive
0:15 Plymouth Avenue
0:18 West Coast Highway
0:19 Dover Drive
0:19 Bayshore Drive
0:19 Pacific Coast Bike Route
0:26 Marino Drive
0:31 Taco Bell / Pizza Hut Express
0:32 School of Sailing and Seamanship
0:35 Garlic Jo’s / Ninniku Bar & Grill
0:36 Phantom Marine
0:36 Tustin Avenue
0:37 Newport Jewelers by Gabe Arik
0:37 Radio Shack
0:38 Starbucks Coffee
0:40 Wells Fargo Bank
0:40 Riverside Avenue
0:40 China Palace
0:43 Old Newport Boulevard Access Road
0:43 CA-1 / Laguna Beach / Huntington Beach South onramp
0:43 A Restaurant
0:44 Newport Boulevard
0:44 Pacific Coast Highway Access Road
0:44 CA-55 North onramp
0:45 CA-55 onramp
0:45 CA-1 / Laguna Beach / Huntington Beach offramp
0:48 Hoag Drive
0:48 Balboa Coves
0:48 Lower Campus Entrance
0:48 Royal Thai Cuisine
0:52 The Alley
0:53 Jack in the Box
0:54 West Balboa Boulevard
0:54 Superior Avenue
0:58 Lido Sands Court
0:58 Lido Sands Drive
1:01 Cappy’s Cafe & Cantina
1:02 Newport Channel Inn
1:02 61st Street
1:02 The Outpost Liquor
1:02 62nd Street
1:03 Best Western Newport Beach Inn
1:04 Prospect Street
1:05 Cedar Street
1:06 Walnut Street
1:06 Lugonia Street
1:07 Colton Street
1:08 Orange Street
1:09 Newport Burgers
1:09 Fern Street
1:10 National Cat Protection Society
1:10 Grant Street
1:10 Highland Street
1:10 David Drive
1:11 Newport Beach
1:11 Santa Ana River Bike Trail
1:12 Summit Street
1:12 Seashore Drive
1:12 Beach Trail
1:12 Pacific Coast Highway
1:13 Orange County
1:13 Santa Ana River Trail
1:14 Huntington Beach
1:18 Brookhurst Street
1:26 Magnolia Street
1:34 Newland Street
1:47 Beach Boulevard
2:00 Twin Dolphin Drive Access Rd
2:01 Twin Dolphin Drive
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East Coast Highway (California) to Pacific Coast Highway (Orange County)
Nov 2011

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Bicycle Touring Map Western Express Section 4

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