Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer
^ The Kinetic Road Machine Rear Wheel Trainer is the ideal indoor home trainer. Using realistic resistance methods, you not only get a realistic ride quality, but a quiet, smooth feel.29er compatibility with knobbiesRU tension system eliminates bending of frames and L-bolts from over-tighteningErgonomic touch pointsRefreshed paint and graphicsBox acts as a POP, and includes bar-coded serialization for tracking productIncludes QR skewerSmooth quiet resistance from 5-3000 watts6.25 lb. Freewheel for realistic coast downSealed fluid chamber with magnetically-coupled driveshaftGuaranteed not to leakUnconditional Lifetime warranty on frame and resistance unitCompatible with all bikes with 16″ to 29″ diameter wheelsOptional small wheel adapter required for 16″ to 22″ wheelsResistance: FluidNew
List Price: $ 379.00
Price: $ 379.00

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Bikewagon Kinetic “Bicycle Indoor Trainer”

It’s hard to get excited about riding a bike inside. The bike is a machine designed to take human force and turn it into speed. It’s hard to believe but cold temperatures not too far around the corner and we will all reluctantly be forced to take our training back inside. One company that actually makes the idea of indoor training pretty exciting is Kinetic. So let’s start with some of their basics, like their Trainer mat:

The basis of the Kinetic trainer package is their durable, noise and vibration-dampening closed-cell PVC foam floor mat. It’s a simple necessity for any cyclist who cherishes a clean training environment. So if you’d like to keep your floor sweat-free and to your trainer even more secure this simple, affordable accessory will pay it’s way in dividends.

The Kinetic Trainer Tire (produced by our friends at Kenda) was developed to specifically prevent your standard road or trail tires from typical trainer wear. The tire is quiet, which your apartment complex neighbors will surely appreciate. And thanks to its specially formulated compound The Trainer Tire provides better grip on your trainer or roller for a more consistent connection. The Trainer Tire is available in 26″ and 700x23c.

The Minneapolis company certainly knows what riders need to succeed through the winter and we think their most exciting offering is the Kinetic Rock ‘N Roll trainer…

The Rock ‘N Roll trainer takes advantage of it’s wide, stable base and adds to that a unique elastomer, spring mechanism that is adjustable and allows the trainer to float freely. There is much skepticism about using a carbon fiber bike in a stationary type trainer and if you believe the skeptics, you should definitely look into this offering. Carbon fiber frames are safer when mounted in the Rock ‘N Roll’s floatable design. Workouts are better and more enjoyable too thanks to it’s uber realistic road-like feel. You can even get out of the saddle and sprint! Go ahead and swing the bike from side to side when you’re in the middle of an interval, the Rock ‘N Roll is made for it. With every pedal stroke, this trainer is designed to fluidly move with you.

Last but not least is the Turntable Riser Block. It features a swiveling base that allows your front wheel to move freely and when paired to the Rock ‘N Roll trainer, it provides the most realistic indoor ride available today. From a fitness point of view, the Turntable urges riders to use more of their core muscles to maintain proper balance while riding for a more complete workout.

Without a doubt, the Kinetic Rock ‘N Roll trainer is on a playing field all it’s own. It’s range of motion; functionality and lifelike feel are unrivalled as trainers go. The only downfall we can see with the Rock ‘N Roll setup is its size. While it’s leg-width provide a stable base for indoor workout sessions it is rather large and that’s something to keep in mind for any racer who is looking to travel with a trainer for pre-race warm ups.

The days are only getting shorter and soon, colder. Don’t miss a day from your training schedule and start collecting the Kinetic items you need to create your ultimate indoor training setup.

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