The Beginner’s Guide to Bicycle Commuting

The Beginner’s Guide to Bicycle Commuting

The Beginner's Guide to Bicycle Commuting
@ Commuting by Bicycle is the single greatest thing that you can do for yourself. It allows you to save time and money while exercising and enjoying the outdoors. It allows you to save hundreds of dollars a month by getting rid of your car, and lets you get in a great work out.

This book serves as a basic guide for those who are looking to start bike commuting. It will cover some basics such as what you should bring with you on your commute, and how to create your commuting habit.


Bicycle Commuting

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The Beginners Guide to Bicycle Commuting

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11 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Guide to Bicycle Commuting

  1. most people that start on 600's and 1000's finish up in the fuckin grave yard.  then you got all the blue fuckin lights and the measuring tape.  I cant be fucked with that crap

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  2. can you please help me I've never rode a bike ever .I'm really on a budget and I'm looking to get one next month for my birthday. What you still recommend the ninja 300 .I really don't have but 1500 $

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  3. In the uk, at 18 we can only have 125cc, i've found keeway bikes for about £2000 (new) anything i should know before i decide on it? i'd only have it for 2 years (maybe even little over a year) as then i can move up to a bigger engine.

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