CycleOps Wind Trainer

CycleOps Wind Trainer

CycleOps Wind Trainer
^ When winter has arrived each year, most of us cyclist wind up in a jumble when it comes to staying fast and on form. We come across magazine articles and countless internet pieces that swear to us that the only way to truly train during the off-season is to ride long, slow rides in order to achieve base mileage. There is no denying that the best and most effective way to train during the cold months is to get out and ride. However, for many of us non-pro cyclists, as the days grow shorter, darker, wetter and colder, yet our work hours stay the same, our riding time and motivation is undoubtedly cut short. For those of us who don’t simply have the time to ride during daylight hours, and don’t fancy riding in the chill and low visibility of the dark hours, the answer is indoor training. Luckily for us, indoor training is the name of the game for CycleOps. Turn any room into a home cycling station with the 9900 Wind Trainer. Remove yourself from the miserably windy conditions and start creating your own wind, as the Wind Trainer has a vortex blade design that generates progressive resistance for an effective workout, whether spinning, climbing or sprinting is your focus. It’s as simple as shifting gears to increase your effort just like you would out on the road. The 9900 Wind Trainer comes with a custom bike skewer and a quick-lock bike mount lever for fast and easy mounting and dismounting. This just may be the best workout partner you’ve ever had! Vortex blade design generates progressive resistance Simply shift gears to change resistance Fits 26″, 27″ and 700c or 20″-24″ with optional adapter (WT7025) Custom bike skewer provided 84-86 decibels measured at 36″ 20mph Quick-lock bike mount lever on all trainer frames Not compatible with 29’ers Noise Level: Loud Includes training video Lifetime warranty Resistance: Wind
List Price: $ 169.99
Price: $ 152.99

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Jenson USA Cycleops “Bicycle Indoor Trainer”

CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bicycle Trainers

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Mat protects carpet or hardwood from bike grime * Ideal for use under any trainer or roller * Workout safely on any flat surface for hours * Prevents your trainer from “walking” across the floor * Durable, sweat-proof mat absorbs vibration and noise


CycleOps Wind Trainer

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