Feedback Velo Post

Feedback Velo Post

Feedback Velo Post
^ The Feedback Velo Wall Post is a quick and easy answer to safely storing bikes and freeing up floor space. As a simple post that projects out from the wall, the Velo Wall Post can also hold wheels and tires in addition to a bicycle. Where standard bike wall hooks store bikes perpendicular to the wall, the Velo Post allows you to simply hand a bike by its seat to store it parallel to the wall. Another bonus is the built-in lock port which allows a cable lock to be used to secure your bike and wheels to the post. Having company over and need to free up some space? Simply fold the post away and forget it’s there. Features: Great for holding bikes and wheels Soft inserts protect bike or wheels finishCan be folded away for storagePatent Pending
List Price: $ 32.99
Price: $ 32.99

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Jenson USA Feedback Sports “Bicycle Display Rack”

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Feedback Velo Post

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