Bicycle Cleaning/Maintenance Tool Kit

Bicycle Cleaning/Maintenance Tool Kit

Bicycle Cleaning/Maintenance Tool Kit
^ Help you bike live a long life with this sweet cleaning/maintenance kit. Here at Bikewagon, we want your gear to last as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than letting your hard earned dollars go to waste and that’s why we put some things together that will help you keep up on your bike(s) so all of your friends will be jealous.Kit Includes:Finish Line 5-piece brush setSunlite bicycle chain cleanerSunlite adjustable wrenchSunlite hex head y wrenchSunlite chain fixer toolNew
List Price: $ 67.99
Price: $ 67.99

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Bikewagon “Bicycle Tools”

I use Evapo-Rust to clean up some flea market/garage sale tools. I am always looking for new ways to remove rust from tools and bike parts. The EvapoRust seemed to do a decent job. I followed up with a brass wire wheel and they came out even better. I probably could have left the tools in there longer. The Evapo Rust is also supposed to be re-usable, so I can use it over and over until it is black and just doesn’t work anymore.

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Bicycle CleaningMaintenance Tool Kit

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