C3Sports Indicator Bicycle Horn

C3Sports Indicator Bicycle Horn

C3Sports Indicator Bicycle Horn
^ C3Sports Indicator Bicycle Horn with a Wireless Switch
The Indicator bike horn is designed to alert people of your presence. Great for areas where there are a lot of pedestrians and you need to get their attention with just the right amount of noise while not being too loud. It maxes out at 115db while closest to the horn. It is the quietest of the horns that we carry.

The horn features a wireless switch for operating, so there are no wires and is powered by an internal, USB rechargeable battery. The horn will automatically turn on when it senses movement and when there is no movement for five minutes, it automatically turns into the off/sleep mode to conserve battery power.

There are two tones and they are operated by the left and right buttons. When you push the button, the horn will make a sound for 4 seconds and then automatically stop.

The control switch comes with a velcro strap that allows you to mount it to your handlebar or any other convenient and safe to reach position. The horn measures only 1.5inches in length by 1.25 diameter.

Features of the C3Sports Indicator Horn:

Wireless control switch
Two distinct tones
Internal USB rechargeable battery
Maximum 115db in close proximity
Measures only 3.5cm x 2.8cm
Battery indicator
Sensor turns the horn on and off to conserve battery power
Weighs only 47g
Run Time – 1,000 times
Charging Time – Approx 2 hours
Includes USB charging cable
List Price: $ 64.00
Price: $ 49.99

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C3Sports Indicator Bicycle Horn

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