@ Heavy Duty Steel Frame and Tool-Free Setup. Best Quality Bike Cargo Trailer/Carrier on the Market !!

  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Folding frame and quick release wheels allow for easy storage
  • Main Color: Yellow, Max Loading weight: 180 lbs
  • Trailer Size: 27″(L)x20″(W)x11.5″(H), Inside dimension: 26″(L)x19″(W)x11″(H)
  • Easily assembles and folds down for storage

List Price: $ 109.95


Bicycle Cargo Trailer

This is just a quick video to show my newest toy, a cargo bike trailer. In this video I demonstrate how the hitch works and how it can be folded up very small.

Thanks for watching!


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    180lbs?, July 15, 2013

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    Well, I don’t know about it hauling 180lbs like is in the description, but it is a fairly decent trailer. The included owner’s manual says the maximum capacity is 70lbs. When I weighed it the scale told me 19.5lbs, nowhere close to the 55lbs listed in the shipping weight. Assembly was a breeze and intuitive. I looked at the instructions after the fact and think anybody could follow them if anything is confusing. The instructions specify a right and left wheel, which I didn’t pay attention to and don’t know if I did it right or wrong. There also a nice list of things you shouldn’t do with this trailer…like drive over 10mph. The directions say to inflate the tires to 25-30psi. The tires say 45psi on the sidewall.

    As a test run I filled a 5 gallon bucket of water (roughly 40lbs as the bucket wasn’t completely full) and strapped it in the trailer. Then I took it off road for about 4 miles. It did a lot of bouncing around and took a decent amount of abuse (which the owner’s manual warns you NOT TO DO! I did NOT avoid bumps and holes!) It follows the bike well, even though it’s a bit off to one side instead of centered. But it does go in the same direction as the bike is going. I didn’t feel like I was dragging it or it was knocking my back end around. Other than the weight I didn’t really know that it was there.

    The bed of the trailer appears to be made from PVC, or a malleable plastic maybe a 1/16in to 3/32in thick. The bucket did deform the plastic on an 80 degree sunny day. Personally, I prefer warping to cracking, so I don’t mind this much. Don’t know why it couldn’t be a bit thicker though. But if you were to pack relatively soft things, or have the weight evenly distributed (maybe by putting a piece of thin plywood on top) this probably wouldn’t happen. The canvas is also easily pushed into the spokes, so be cautious when you pack it up to make sure your goods don’t bulge out the sides into the spokes. The canvas is thin and it won’t take too much to cause damage. The tires are what I expect them to be and they do spin well. Kinda cheap looking, but functional.

    It attaches to the bike quick and easy. Just had to take off the nut that holds the rear wheel to the frame, put the bracket on, put the nut back on. It also has a safety strap just in case. The clips on the hitch and the wheels are great and I think you’d have to be doing something waaay beyond fun to cause them to fail.

    It collapses quickly and easily. Just pop the 4 pins(2 on the hitch) and unscrew the front and back bars and you’re done. Probably can take less than a minute with some practice.

    The welds look good to my inexperienced eye. It looks like it could be easily modified to suit anyone’s needs. The canvas and the plastic bottom panel are all held with Phillips screws and it doesn’t take much to remove them. On the canvas side there’s plastic washer things that help hold the canvas in place.

    So -1 star for it not being as described and other discrepancies in the owners manual that annoy me or are downright lies. -1 star for it being a little lower quality than I was expecting. I was expecting something a little more sturdier with the canvas and the plastic bottom panel, but sturdier would mean extra weight. I wouldn’t begrudge a pound of two in more durable materials.


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  2. Hi. I found one for sale near me and saw this video. Thinking of using it for a couple of touring trips per year. Is this trailer a good option for this? 3 years have passed since the video, you still use it, any major flaws? Thanks!

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  3. The brand of the trailer is ' KMS ' If you google search KMS bicycle cargo trailer it will come up. Or you will find their web store on Ebay and the item can also be purchased on Amazon. Hope this helps! 🙂

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  4. i bought one of these from ebay ,, its a bit heavier than i thought it would be, but its a very sterdy trailer
    it was delivered today,
    the strap could be dangerous though if the hitch comes apart, it will cause the towbar to go into the spokes of the rear wheel. so im just hoping that the hitch is as strong as the rest of the trailer

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  5. There is no manufacturer's name on it anywhere. The company I bought it through is called MH Canada Inc., and they import tons of stuff like that from China.

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