CatEye Volt 300 Cycling Light No Helmet Mount White

CatEye Volt 300 Cycling Light No Helmet Mount White

CatEye Volt 300 Cycling Light No Helmet Mount White
^ Featuring a 300 lumen output and five light modes, this compact, USB rechargeable headlight is the kind of light you’ll be glad to have on long rides. The CatEye Volt 300 was built for both mountain biking and commuting, enabling you to both see and be seen.Light modes: High, normal, low, hyper constant, and flashingCan be mounted on or under the handlebars or on the helmetDimensions: 111.5 x 31 x 38mmWeight: 120 gramsRun time: High mode (300 lumens): 3 hoursNormal mode (100 lumens): 8 hoursLow mode (50 lumens): 18 hoursHyper constant mode (300 / 50 lumens): 11 hoursFlashing mode (50 lumens): 60 hoursRecharge time (USB 2.0): 6 hoursRecharge/discharge number of times: 300 times (until the rated capacity drops to 70%)Front lightColor: WhiteNew
List Price: $ 60.00
Price: $ 60.00

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Bikewagon Cateye “Cycling Helmet Accessories”

Please note: this was made a couple years ago. Some of my friends have bought even cheaper lights on Amazon:

This is a review of a 4000 lumen bike light I bought on Ebay which is superior to my Exposure MaxX-D and Exposure Diablo at 1/5 or less the price.

Someone pointed out you can find lights like this on for . Just search Amazon for 4000 Lumen Bike Light!

For run-times, click this link:

This light has a unique feature. After about 1 hour, it goes into a very fast strobe mode which you can’t see, but a camera can. This gives this particular light about a 5.5 to 6 hour run time on high which is crazy long. However, if you want to video a ride, this could be a problem.

I have another cheap light like this that doesn’t do strobe and only lasts about 2 hours.

I have no idea how to tell from either of the ebay listings which kind of light you’re getting.

CatEye Volt 300 Cycling Light No Helmet Mount White

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