Yeti Truck Tee

Yeti Truck Tee

Yeti Truck Tee
^ Jenson USA can ship Yeti products to delivery addresses in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. The Yeti Truck tee shirt features graphics screened on the front and back calling out the heritage of the classic Yeti turquoise color. The Yeti Truck Tee goes with everything. You can never have too many screen print tees! Ring spun 100% cotton, combed for softness and comfort Men’s T- shirt
List Price: $ 25.00
Price: $ 25.00

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Jenson USA Yeti Cycles “Cycling Casual Wear”

Large scale, kit, trailed suspension: I’m excited!

Info as listed on the Axial Racing website:

Now in kit form, the Yeti™ XL monster buggy kit is a skillfully engineered truck with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. Its distinct aesthetic and technical elements were inspired by full-size desert trucks. Its strategically engineered design supplies bashing stamina while delivering a high level of technical rock racing abilities without compromise in either category. This kit version will accept standard 1/8th scale brushless 4-pole systems and most industry standard stick packs. Precision Icon Vehicle Dynamics aluminum shocks are standard equipment and deliver smooth suspension movement for consistent handling. We’ve also included a rear sway bar (medium, 3.4mm), 3mm aluminum lower link plates, aluminum 17mm hex hubs and nuts, adjustable steel turnbuckles, and officially licensed 3.8 Falken WildPeak M/T tires in our S30 compound.


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Yeti Truck Tee

15 thoughts on “Yeti Truck Tee

  1. Hi HemiStorm, Bought the monster and it really rocks!! However I ran into the "bearing" issue with the front and rear bevel gears. Did you suffer the same? best!

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  2. so i CANNOT recommend this rc…. KIT or otherwise.I just 3 months ago bought yeti XL kit put MM2 combo and Hi-tech HS-7954SH and it was exactly this point that id just dumped 1k+ into an RC, OUCH…… I tore the receiver out of my summit and slapped it in because some time in the future i dream of having 2speed…. but this broke the wallet, and the bitter part is on the second run(i was treating it like a Pseudo Nitro Break in) the front diffs right side output bearing fell apart and in seconds the balls had destroyed the gears. i havent even been able to fix it yet because the bearings that i got to replace the 2(i always replace both sides at same time) were based on the manuals measurements…. and they are incorrect….. so i now have a set of 4 bocas and cant use them lol. and it pains me to say this but if i had bought this as a RTR it would be the very first item i return to a hobby shop EVER. may sound overkill but even the customer support for Axial has begun to ignore me after i sent msg to them they say we'll get to you in 2 days….. 20days later i msg them again and get same copy/paste BS email. i even sent them pics of reciept and broken parts and nothing…….still havent put it together because the desire to drive it is gone….just feel disheartened. am selling it as the pile of @#$% that it is… RTREPAIR

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  3. Chris – you find treasures and open them like presents.  Thanks for sharing!  You mentioned getting the Castle Mamba Monster 2/2200kV.  Have you had the chance to try it?  Are you running with 6 cells?  Is there a radio you'd recommend or any options I should pick up when purchasing?  Appreciate your help and time.  Keep up the great work!

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  4. Love your point in regards to ''Torque Twist'', which is also present in full scale vehicles. A Good suspension setup/ throttle control will eliminate most unwanted twist. Being this is the Yeti XL's handling characteristic and ''NOT'' a model defect as some claim I ordered mine yesterday! I plan on running 6S coupled with Carbon Fiber and Titanium upgrades… Should make for a interesting  project:) By the way  you did a great job painting your Yeti! I really enjoyed that video, thanks for the paint tips. 

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