Portland Design Works Bicycle Pump Bracket

Portland Design Works Bicycle Pump Bracket

Portland Design Works Bicycle Pump Bracket
@ If you are moving your Little Silver, Magic Flute, or Big Silver pump between bikes then grab an extra bracket and make your life easier.

  • Alloy construction
  • Bolts to water bottle braze ons
  • For use with Portland Design Works Magic Flute, Little Silver, and Big Silver pumps

List Price: $ 12.00


Bicycle Inflation

This bike was actually the one i got before the Overdrive. That day i went in ther store not even looking for a bike but came out with it. What sold me was the seat positioning and of course the smoothness of a new bike. The Overdrive did catch my eye with its Aggressive look but i opted to be more cautious. I was pretty Crazy on my old Mongoosee. Ive never ridden or heard a Hybrid, but as i rode on it i was hooked. Ive had this bike since June 2012 and put 1400 miles on it. Ive had 2 flats and had to replace the Crankset due to me Chipping off some of its teeth. Repairs of it is easy as long as you are a little knowlegable. I usually use it when im casually riding and not to much on a rush. I added a Clean Republic Motor on it that i use when im going up some steep hills. but majority of the time the bike does NOT need it. Ive crossed all the NYC bridges with ease and no motor. BUT it is funny to see people struggling up hills and im zooming by. I made this video since people do ask me what i carry on the bike. This was shot Summer 2013. The bike is different from its appearance now. but this is what i started with.

Avenir Mens soft top Saddle
Blackburn Voyayer 3.3 & Mars 1.0 Combo
Blackburn Multi Mirror and Mountain Air anywalve Pump
Portland Design Works Radbot 100 Tail Light
Clean Republic Electric bike kit SLA battery
Topeak Explorer Bike Rack and MTX Trunk Bag
Topeak Large Aero Wedge & Fuel tank Bags
Topeak Handle Bar Mount & Modula Java Bottle Cage
Honker 300 Horn
Planet Bike Fenders 700c
Greenfield Rear Mount Kickstand
Pletscher Esge Double Leg Kickstand
Reflective Red And White Tape
Kryptonite 16mm U Lock & Disc Lock & Cable
Diamondback Foot Pedals
Nite Ize Spokelight
Bell Bicycle Computer & Lights
Beats Pill Portable Speakers
Nishiki Bottle Cage
Shimano Sealed Bottom Bracket & Crankset

Its not one of those Super high end bikes but for someone starting up the biking thing. Its great. I was not sure if i was gonna keep up with the biking thing but im still cycling around when i get the chance and so far ive tried other bikes and am still happy with my Wheels. Love the color. Black is one of my Favorite colors and Diamondback had both models that year.

Portland Design Works Bicycle Pump Bracket

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