Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function, Gold)

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function, Gold)

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function, Gold)
@ CrankBrothers Multi-17 Gold Tool features both a chain tool and a disc-brake-rotor-friendly Torx T-25 wrench alongside the usual package. The Crank Brothers Multi 17 Tool has mountain bikers first in mind. Nothing besides a flat or a broken bone will stop your ride as quickly as a busted chain, and if you ride hard you’re bound to snap a link sometime. The Multi 17 might not be the absolute lightest tool or smallest on the market, but the extra grams are well worth it because if you don’t have the right tool when the chips are down, you’re dead weight anyway. This tool features four spoke wrench sizes, seven hex wrench sizes, an 8mm and 10mm open wrench, and both a phillips and flathead screwdriver. Specs: Weight: 168 grams; Length – 3.5 inches; Frame – 6061-T6 aluminum; Tools – 6051 high tensile steel.

  • Includes 17 Tools
  • Disc-Brake-Rotor-Friendly Torx T-25 Wrench
  • Comes with Seven Hex Wrench Sizes
  • Has a Universal Chain Tool
  • Four Spoke Wrench Sizes

List Price: $ 27.00


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2 thoughts on “Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function, Gold)

  1. 97 of 99 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Anyone who rides a bike should have a multitool, and this is the best one to get., June 9, 2007
    John-something (LA, NYC, Tokyo) –

    This is the Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman of bike tools. If you have no other tools, get this first, because it’s all you’ll need 90% of the time even if you’re into installing your own parts.

    I’ve had mine for over ten years, and rescued not only myself but dozens of other riders from walking their bikes home by making sure I always carry it. And it’s a handy multitool for household fixes as well.

    If the quality, strength, and durability of this tool aren’t enough to convince you, how about this: Just last week, I was removing my crank with it, and the bolt wouldn’t turn, so I stood on it–as I had done many times over the years for things like getting a pedal off–and it finally popped a nut.

    Entirely my fault–should have been using a crank wrench–but I sent an e-mail to Crank Brothers wondering if it was covered under the warranty and what I would have to do (if it would be even worth it), and within an hour they responded that they were sending me a brand new replacement–no proof of purchase or explaination required to see if it was a flaw in the tool or not, they just replaced it. I received the new one in the mail in just a few days. They also offered to fix my old tool to keep as a spare. Wow.

    When I told my friends about this, they said they’ve had similar experiences with Crank Brothers on everything they make. Absolutely outstanding service on top-of-the-line products.

    Besides all that, I think it’s the best designed, strongest, and most useful bike multitool money can buy.


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  2. 35 of 36 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great EXCEPT for Chain Breaker, August 2, 2013
    Paul T Ford (Oak Park, IL, US) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function) (Sports)
    The chain breaker failed me on a ride when my chain broke at the master link. Didn’t have a spare master link, so chain tool was my only repair option. Unfortunately, couldn’t break the chain. Ended up hitching home.

    After I eventually got home, I experimented with my motley collection of chain tools (Park bench tool, Park mini brute, Lezyne multi-tool, Crank Brothers mini-tool and a no-name mini) on a scrap chain bummed off my local bike shop.

    Under ideal conditions (lighted shop, loose chain at waist height), I could get the Crank Brothers to work. I noted several key problems with the design of the Crank Brothers compared to other mini tools:

    * short lever arm (30 mm, shortest of the bunch)
    * uncomfortable sharp edges (Lezyne by comparison is remarkably comfortable)
    * a bit tricky to line up the tool’s pin with the chain’s pin (I suspect that was my problem in the field due to low light in woods)

    The Crank Brothers tools was by far the hardest to use in my tests: hardest to align, least comfortable, most force required.

    My Park bench tool won hands down (no surprise) and Lezyne multi-tool and Park CT-5 mini brute were second and third.

    Recommendations for field chain repair:
    * carry spare master links or pins (per chain manufacturer)
    * practice using any emergency chain tool at home before first use in the field (get a discarded chain from your local bike shop to practice on).
    * use Crank Brothers otherwise very nice multi-tool without chain tool and carry a separate dedicated chain tool
    * don’t go cheap on an emergency chain tools: stick with reputable brands: Park, Topeak, Lezyne, Pedros or Crank Brothers (if you are happier with its performance than I), etc. Low cost (<$10) tools seem to be poorly designed and manufactured and less likely to perform well when you need them the most.


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