Kinetic Riser Ring for Indoor Cycling Bike Trainers

Kinetic Riser Ring for Indoor Cycling Bike Trainers

Kinetic Riser Ring for Indoor Cycling Bike Trainers
^ Kinetic Rear Wheel Trainer Accessories.
List Price: $ 29.00
Price: $ 29.00

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Bikewagon Kinetic “Bike Trainer”

Kurt presents the Kinetic Rock and Roll 2.0, a full-featured indoor cycling trainer with patented side-to-side movement for improved balance, joint alignment, and core activation compared to fixed position trainers. Kinetic had updated the Rack and Roll for 2014, and it is available for purchase online from

– Patented side-to-side motion
– Progressive resistance from 5 watts to over 2000 watts
– Fluid resistance provides the most realistic replication of outdoor riding
– Thermodynamically neutral medical grade silicone inside the fluid unit is not affected by temperature so the resistance curve remains the same throughout your workout
– In addition 80 cooling fins on the outside of the resistance unit provide the lowest operating temperature of any fluid trainer
– Precise power calibration, superior heat management and precision manufacturing give Kinetic the ability to accurately measure power output based on the RPM’s of the resistance unit. This ensures consistent resistance from workout to workout and year to year
– Kinetic’s repeatable power curve and precise calibration allows the Kinetic inRide Watt Meter (sold separately) to measure power based on the speed of the roller at a fraction of the cost offered by other systems
– New design includes a lighter, smaller frame, stronger mounting system and a more active sideways motion.
– Add a Kinetic Turntable Riser Ring (sold separately) for the best ride feel
– Assembled in the box

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Kinetic Riser Ring for Indoor Cycling Bike Trainers

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