Topeak One Up Bike Stand Wall Mount Storage Rack

Topeak One Up Bike Stand Wall Mount Storage Rack

Topeak One Up Bike Stand Wall Mount Storage Rack
^ Display and storage racking for bikes.Includes rear wheel pad and hardware
List Price: $ 49.95
Price: $ 49.95

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Bikewagon Topeak “Bicycle Storage Rack”

If you’re a cyclist, a garage bike rack is necessary to protect your invest whether it be a road, mountain or bmx bike. Wall mount stands ( or bicycle hanger systems are great indoor storage ideas for all types of bikes. Some other rack types which cyclists have installed in garages include gravity types as well as ceiling hoist pulley devices.

The most economical way to go are the hook or hanger systems. These are cheap and cost-effective ways to store a bike or bikes in the garage. The products attach to the bicycle frame at the top tube or wheel to hold them in place. Different models will take up varying amounts of space. Frame hangers usually allow the bike to lay horizontally parallel to the garage wall. Bicycle wheel hooks will allow for vertical mounting. Each storage space varies from home to apartment, so having options is great. Some of these devices also have trays and areas for keeping your other bike equipment nearby as well.

A wall bike rack for the garage is another bicycle storage system that is popular. These bike holders are either bolted to the walls or use gravity and the wall to keep them standing with the help of the weight of the bicycles. Another style is a vertical rack that uses pressure to hold it up between the roof and floor. If you have space to spare, there are even freestanding units that can hold four bikes using both sides of the rack. Brands like Racor, Allen, RAD, Delta, Crawford, Gear Up, Lehigh and even Swagman manufacture solutions for storing your bicycles safely and securely in your carport.

Because your bikes will need to share space with your cars, trucks and other items in the garage, some families need the most space-saving option available like in the ceiling mount products. These bike hoist lifts can be the best solution if your storage area is already crowded. The bikes can be hoisted into the open space above your vehicles to utilize this not already used space. There are even platform solutions that can hold multiple bikes as well as other things.

With all the choices available in the indoor bike storage marketplace, finding the right one really comes down to your space constraints and mounting preference. For the most space-savings look into a bike hoist. For cheap options, a simple hook or hanger product by brands like Racor can get the job done. Lastly, for storing multiple bikes, a wall mount stand or rack is a reliable way to go. As you can see, there are many types of garage bike rack storage solutions for keeping your bicycles safe indoors when not in use.

Topeak One Up Bike Stand Wall Mount Storage Rack

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