Specialized Cycling Leg Warmers Black Small

Specialized Cycling Leg Warmers Black Small

Specialized Cycling Leg Warmers Black Small
^ Warm legs are happy legs. Don’t go riding in the spring or fall without these Specialized Thermal Leg Warmers.Unique Specialized Thermal fabric for loft and insulationLow volume, exposed silicon gripper to hold the warmer in placeAnatomic paneling to maximize flexibility and warmthSize: LargeColor: blackNew
List Price: $ 55.00
Price: $ 55.00

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Bikewagon Specialized “Cycling Leg Warmers”

There’s no more important cool and cold weather accessory than the arm, leg, and knee warmer. Castelli’s NanoFlex material revolutionizes this fundamental piece of cycling apparel.

Products Reviewed:
Arm Warmers: http://www.competitivecyclist.com/product-apparel/2011-castelli-nanoflex-arm-warmers-7669.1805.0.html
Knee Warmers: http://www.competitivecyclist.com/product-apparel/2011-castelli-nanoflex-knee-warmers-7671.1805.0.html
Leg Warmers: http://www.competitivecyclist.com/product-apparel/2011-castelli-nanoflex-leg-warmers-7670.1805.0.html

Specialized Cycling Leg Warmers Black Small

9 thoughts on “Specialized Cycling Leg Warmers Black Small

  1. @tawilk You said it, "standard bib and leg warmers". Look into merino wool arm and leg warmers. Very soft and very warm. Next, buy some winter specific bib shorts or tights. I am wearing the Castelli Fondo and Legerezza winter bib tights this season. Still have cold cheeks? Try some winter embrocation. Careful where you put it! I use the Rapha brand embro for cyclocross. Good luck.

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  2. are there any butt warmers? it seems like i'll go out on a cold day w/ my standard bib and leg warmers that only come up to the upper 80% of my thigh. this leave a good portion of my hamstrings and butt out in the cold, freezing.

    seriously, has any one else had this problem? know how to fix it?

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  3. I think he was only wearing them over the bibs because he had the knee warmers on underneath and like has been said to show the product. I always wear mine underneath and they dont really move, except on my cheaper bibs the shorts tend to rise a little bit

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  4. These reviews are good because Andy gives us, not only the sales pitch, but his likes and dislikes of the products. I trust Andy's experienced opinions. I find his reviews invaluable.

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  5. @mstienstra
    Having said that, and watched the video again. Yeah, that guy in the video looks pretty ugly that way. Leg warmer grippers choking his thighs and make them look like bottle necks.
    Mine don't look like that.

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  6. @mstienstra "Is wearing leg warmers over the bibs an american thing?"
    I don't know about other Americans but I do for practical reason.
    They stay up much better that way. Then again, I don't pretend to look like a racer nor trying to be fashionable.
    Try it and see if you like it. It won't hurt o try.

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