P.R.O. Bicycle Handlebar End Plugs (Red)

P.R.O. Bicycle Handlebar End Plugs (Red)

P.R.O. Bicycle Handlebar End Plugs (Red)
^ The P.R.O. Bicycle Handlebar End Plugs provide the finishing touches when customizing your handlebar grip. Show your colors by choosing one of these sleek end plugs, and make an impression for miles to come.


Fits handlebar inner diameter from 17.5 MM
Anodized alloy cap
Sleek metallic finish
List Price: $ 15.99
Price: $ 15.99

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Giantnerd “Bicycle Camping”

You know it’s been a good game when DJ Chicken Leather starts pulling rusted handlebars off the wall at the Bike Oven and starts running around blowing them like trumpets every time a soccer team scores. I just got finished watching Team U.S.A. get beat by Mexico 4 to 2 (so sad, boo hoo) but didn’t feel the pain because of Chicken Leather’s antics. I figured the world needs to know how to toot their own bicycle horn – literally. So, pop the end caps off your bars and pretend you’re playing a trumpet the next time you’re at a big bike ride or down by the beach looking to show off your spirituality by doing a reveille on your bullhorn bars. With some modifications, your handlebars could make you the first bicycle-based Chuck Mangione.

Pro tip: it helps to be a little bit tipsy from eating copious amounts of fruit and sipping a fine ale.

PRO Bicycle Handlebar End Plugs Red

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