Serfas Twin 1/2 Watt USB Rechargeable Taillight

Serfas Twin 1/2 Watt USB Rechargeable Taillight

Serfas Twin 1/2 Watt USB Rechargeable Taillight
@ Serfas’ UTL-200 brings integration and versatility to a whole new level. Designed as a high visibility taillight that features two powerful 1/2 watt LED’s and alternating focused beam and diffused beam to maximize visible light, the UTL-200 also comes with USB Rechargeable batteries. Here is where the versatility kicks in, you can run this light using the USB Rechargeable batteries (included) or you can use standard (non-rechargeable) AAA batteries and this light will perform the same. The choice is yours, rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries, you make the call.

  • USB Rechargeable Taillight
  • Provides 180 degree visibility
  • Modes: High, Low, Flash
  • Run time: Up to 10 hours on flash mode

List Price: $ 30.00


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    Great Rechargable LED Taillight!, April 14, 2014

    This review is from: Serfas UTL-200 USB Twin Taillight

    -x2 Bright 1/2 Watt CREE LEDs.
    -USB Rechargable with x2 Ni-MH AAA Batteries Included.
    -Also Compatible with standard 1.5v AAA Batteries.
    -10hr Rated Battery Life in Flash Mode.
    -Waterproof with sturdy snap shut housing cover.
    -Steady, Flash, and Alternating-Flash Modes (Not High, Low, Flash as advertised, IMO the advertised modes would be worse than what it actually has).
    -Easy access push button with audible click.

    -Not able to mount the TailLight in a horizontal position.
    -Not a Lithium based rechargable battery, which are lighter and last longer than Ni-MH batteries.
    -Mount assembly seems secure, but the clip on the back of the housing may break over time.
    -Mount strap does not prevent the TailLight from sliding to the left or right (easliy remedied using 3M double sided 5lb tape or zip ties).

    The UTL-200 USB TailLight by Serfas contains two 1/2 Watt LEDs with a focused lens and a defused/180-degree lens that offers a perfect combination of viewing angles to enhance riding safety. The LED & Lens design as well as the types of modes are identical to the Serfas TL-200, but the UTL-200 offers a new “Bow-Tie” housing design along with the USB Recharging feature. For the price point of the UTL-200, it is a top competitor amongst the available LED Rechargable TailLights on the market.

    1/2 Watt CREE LEDs provide more than enough brightness to see this TailLight from a mile away in the dark, and about 100 yards in the daylight. The only reason I would get a brighter Taillight is for enhanced visibility in daylight. In my opinion, anything brighter than the UTL-200 would be too much for night riding unless you ride alone.

    The UTL-200 includes two Ni-MH 800 mAh batteries and a 4 inch long mini-USB recharging cable that can be connected to any USB port on a computer or standard 5v USB wall-charger. The batteries are advertised to last 10hrs in flash mode; however, I haven’t had the opportunity to verify this feature yet. It is compatible with standard 1.5v AAA batteries and 1.2v Ni-MH rechargable batteries. If it included a Lithium based battery pack it would offer a longer run time and a lighter weight product; however, in my opinion 10hrs in flash mode is more than long enough for most riders. If necessary bring an emergency set of AAA batteries as a backup.

    When you first open the package, I would recommend giving it a full recharge before using it. The batteries do have a partial charge from the manufacturer, but with Ni-MH batteries, they tend to have a charge memory compared to Lithium based batteries. The charge time will vary by the type of USB power source that you plug the TailLight into. When connected to my computer for the initial charge it took about 5-8hrs.

    A small LED on the circuit board will have a steady Red color when it’s charging and a steady Amber/Green color when it’s fully charged. I would avoid leaving the TailLight on the charger for extended periods of time after it is fully charged. It may cause your Ni-MH batteries to have a premature lifespan from overcharging if the LED TailLight doesn’t prevent overcharging (I haven’t tested this possibility yet). Alternatively, you could have a spare set of rechargeable batteries on standby that are recharged by a separate Ni-MH charger; however, it may cause the LED TailLight housing to weaken or break from repeated openings.

    The plastic housing feels secure, but as with most plastics, they tend to suffer from fatigue after being pried apart as well as from hot/cold weather exposure. This makes me wonder how reliable the clip is on the back of the LED TailLight. The plastic is relatively thin where the clip attaches to the back of the TailLight, whereas the rest of the mounting assembly feels much more secure. If it’s going to break over time, the clip on the back of the housing will be the first place it would fail. I still feel it’s worth giving this product a try, and maybe Serfas will improve the design a little more on the next version.

    The rubber mounting strap feels secure, but unless you over-tighten the rubber mounting strap, it tends to easily slide left or right. This can cause your TailLight to move away from the center rear position when you are riding. To remedy this you can either use zip ties to secure the TailLight position or place some 3M 5 lb. double sided tape under the strap to prevent it from sliding.

    The UTL-200 is nearly identical to the TL-200 with the exception of the USB Recharging feature, included AAA 800 mAh Ni-MH batteries, and the unique “Bow-Tie” housing design. In my opinion, these added features make the UTL-200 worth the additional $5 (MSRP) cost compared with the TL-200 price point. While the UTL-200 does not offer the Lithium based rechargable feature that more expensive…

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    Awesome Light, December 27, 2014
    This review is from: Serfas UTL-200 USB Twin Taillight (Sports)
    This is a very bright light and it also looks very good.

    – Button is easy to use with gloves
    – Mount is very easy to work with
    – Mount can tilt up and down
    – 3 modes (solid, both flashing, and both taking turns flashing)
    – solid construction
    – clip on the back of the light so if you don’t have the mount you can clip it to your jersey pocket

    – hard to get batteries in but once you do get them in you won’t need to replace them for a while


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