Performance Sun Sleeves

Performance Sun Sleeves

Performance Sun Sleeves
^ Performance Sun Sleeves. Lightweight, breathable and cool, the Performance Sun Sleeves protect your arms from the sun’s harmful rays. Stretchy fabric with UPF 50+ manages moisture for dry comfort. Elastic upper sleeve bands with silicone dots stay in position. Our Sun Sleeves have many of the same features and benefits of branded arm sleeves that retail for .
List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 19.99

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Performance Bicycle Performance “Cycling Sun Sleeves”



• Protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

• Exposing your skin to the UV rays of the sun will cause sunburn and may lead to premature skin pigmentation and freckles.

• Exposure to the sun causes most of the wrinkles and age spots.

• Cumulative exposure to the sun will also cause premature ageing and cancer of the skin.

Juuze arm sleeves deliver superior UV protection which is essential attire in any sports and activity under the sun. In addition, it features gradient compression that focuses onto biceps, triceps and forearms to enhance performance.

Why Juuze?

The five key aspects of the Juuze Arm Sleeves feature are:


• Juuze arm sleeves have UV protection coating which prevents the harmful effects of the sun.

• The UV protection coating is also non-allergic.


• Other than providing good protection against the sun UV rays, Juuze arm sleeves feature gradient compression technology that boost athletic performance and recovery by minimizing muscle vibration and risk of sprains and injury.


• Juuze fabric has been specially chosen to provide comfort and coolness while you work out under the sun.

• This is due to the moisture management feature of the fabric which allows perspiration to be drawn away quickly leaving you dry and cool.


• Juuze arms sleeves quality specifications are made to last. Its UV protection coating will withstand at least 200 wash.

• Juuze unique colored designs are specially engineered with fabric that will not come off after wash, ensuring the intact of the design over time.

• Juuze arm sleeves also come with anti-slip arm band that provides good traction to hold arm sleeves in place for motion engagement.


• Juuze arm sleeves are not just made for the enhancement of your well-being and performance, but also adding style in your game.

• With a wide range of designs, there is an arm sleeves for you and your sport.


• Juuze products are supported by an uncompromising customer satisfaction policy.
• If product is found with manufacturing defects, it will be replaced with no questions asked.

• If product is found to be of not the right fitting/size, it will be exchanged with no questions asked.

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Available Size: XS, S, M, L & XL

Performance Sun Sleeves

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