Kask Infinity Aero Road Bicycle Helmet

Kask Infinity Aero Road Bicycle Helmet

Kask Infinity Aero Road Bicycle Helmet
^ Kask Infinity Aero Road Bicycle Helmet. Kask joined forces with Team Sky to create the Kask Infinity Aero Road Bicycle Helmet. It’s constructed with a smooth shell and adjustable vents for all-out aerodynamics, even in the most rigorous circumstances. It’s been wind-tunnel tested to maintain streamlined performance and ventilation in virtually any riding position; even if you move your head, it’ll remain consistent. Fully rounded profile has no sharp edges or angles to interfere with airflow. Front vents can be quickly opened and closed with a single hand, by adjusting the mobile aerator at the top of the Bicycle Helmet. Vents can also be partially opened or closed to regulate airflow based on preferences or weather conditions. Open them up on the climbs for maximum ventilation and close them on the descents and sprints to see how fast you can fly. Maximum protection is achieved by an In-Mold construction of a polycarbonate shell bonded to an EPS foam body. This is built on a proprietary Inner Frame that allows the Bicycle Helmet to absorb shock while fortifying it with enough strength to see you safely through a crash. Aero Control Technology brings speed and cooling to every ride with its sleek profile, aggressive channeling and optimal vent placement. 3D Dry padding with a multi-layer open cell construction process gives a comfortable ride. It features removable and washable inner padding made with CoolMax fabrics for moisture management and then treated with Sanitized antimicrobial process to stop odors. Octo Fit retention system has a rubber dial that lets you determine the tension of the headband, plus it’s height adjustable, thanks to the vertical and lateral moving occipital pads. Comfortable eco-leather chain strap lays flat and gives a secure fit.
List Price: $ 369.95
Price: $ 369.95

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Performance Bicycle Kask “Bicycle Touring”

Aero bike helmets are a key part of a team’s armoury in winning TTs. We took a look at the different options on offer to different teams.
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Pro teams and thier suppliers spend a lot of time in the wind tunnel making sure that the aero helmets that riders use in time trials are as areo as they can be, and that every watt of power goes into making the riders as fast as possible.

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Kask Infinity Aero Road Bicycle Helmet

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