Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2 Bike

Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2 Bike

Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2 Bike
^ Comes completely assembled and folds flat for storageArms adjust to center for offset-mounted spare tiresRubber cradles and straps hold and protect bikesHolds 2 bikes
List Price: $ 149.99
Price: $ 149.99

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Bikewagon Hollywood Racks “Bicycle Storage Rack”

Hollywood bike rack carriers range from mast and platform hitch racks to versatile spare tire mount models for vehicles like jeeps to RV campers (http://www.rackwebs.com/hollywood-bike-rack/). Roof, truck and trunk bike racks for sedans and hatchbacks are also available from Hollywood racks. One type of rack that’s not for vehicles that the company makes as well are commercial stationary bike racks for outdoor bicycle storage like the ones in public areas and outside buildings. All possible bike storage solutions have been considered in their product line.

Platform hitch racks include the Hollywood HR1400, HR1000, and Sportrider SE (with recumbent model, 2-bike add-on unit). These are the tray style bike racks that make it possible to not have to remove the rear wheel on mounting. Also, your road and mountain bikes don’t have to hang like with mast style racks. For those with larger bikes like downhill mtbs, this might be the best choice. There are even versions for recumbent bikes as well as trikes. This is a rare find when it comes to bicycles racks for vehicles.

Mast hitch carrier options by Hollywood include the HR8500, HR800, HR400, HR520, HR9200, HR6500, Commuter 2-bike (HR2500), and the Road Runner Aluminum just to name a few. These all vary in the bike carrying capacity, size, weight, hitch connector type as well as options and features like add-on capable and integrated towing hitch extension. From 2 bikes to 4 bike models, there’s a model for all needs. For non-conventional frame types, there is an adapter bar that will help attach these types of bikes.

Hollywood trunk racks include the E3 Express, B2 Baja, the original F1B, the F4 heavy duty, F6 Expedition, and Gordo. These vary in weight and bike carrying capacity and load. The Gordo was designed for Beach Cruisers while the others work better for different types of vehicles from sedans and hatchbacks to cars with spoilers and flat and high back vans and cross over SUV vehicles. Check their website specs for the best solution for your car make and model.

The spare tire rack style is another one that Hollywood racks makes. The SR-1 attaches around the tire while the Bolt-on attaches to the the center area where the tire attaches to the back of the vehicle. As for truck racks, Hollywood has a simple solution in their fork mount attachment that can be attached to truck red rails in the T970. The other model is the T900 expandable bar for those that want a removable non-permanent bike rack for trucks. Lastly, for non-trunk and hitch racks is the roof rack called the Hollywood Buzz rack. This one is great because it holds two bikes on the roof as well as a bike gear or equipment bag in the middle. This is perfect for road trips and vacations where the space inside and trunk of the car is valuable for other luggage and bags.

As you can see, there are many choices available when considering a Hollywood rack for your bike carrying needs for your car, truck or SUV as well as RV trailer campers and more. With specialty niche racks for trikes and recumbent bikes, you know that Hollywood racks has all types of cyclists in mind when creating their products. This is the sign of a dedicated company. I’m sure that after reading reviews and ratings online, you’ll find a more than suitable Hollywood bike rack for your bicycle transport needs for truck, hitch, and roof mount solutions.

Hollywood SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2 Bike

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