GoPro Hero3 Combo Cable

GoPro Hero3 Combo Cable

GoPro Hero3 Combo Cable
^ This ingenious Combo Cable connects to your Hero3 camera’s USB port to enable composite video out, 3.5mm mic input and USB connectivity.For use with Hero3 cameras onlyIncludes: One Combo CableNew
List Price: $ 39.99
Price: $ 39.99

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All-in-One combo means we included everything, well soldered, right plugs and cables. Sound good?
We understand it’s frustrating that you get the product but not able to use it because lacking cables or plugs, don’t worry, we got it covered. We included the correct cables so you don’t need to buy anything else. As long as you have a GoPro HERO 2 or HERO 3 camera, put it on the drone, use the provided cable to connect the camera to the FPV Transmitter, then install the Carbon Fiber Mount onto your transmitter, turn on the 7″ Monitor, that’s it!

What are the difference between those package?
Storm has Four different FPV packages, we have the Standard package, the Easy package, the Deluxe package and the Mini package. They are all ready to use, you will have FPV experience without purchasing anything else.

The Standard FPV package is our most economic FPV solution, it requires player to connect quite a number of cables, but don’t worry, it’s not that hard if you follow our Youtube video. Then we have the Easy FPV package, there are no cables on the receiver side at all, because we squeezed all the FPV components (5.8Ghz Video Receiver and Battery) into the Monitor, that means all wires are hidden and already connected by us, just turn on the monitor and you will get video feed from the drone, that’s the “Easy” package.

For some people who wants better reliability and better video quality, pick the Deluxe package. The monitor in the Deluxe package is different from others, it has better LCD panel which is brighter and better contrast, it also has Dual Receiver Circuit to enhance video quality.

Also we have the Mini package, it has a ultra small camera (just 3 grams) and a 2.5″ all-in-one monitor, everything was built-in on this box, it’s a 2.5″ screen with built-in battery and 5.8Ghz Video Receiver, and best of all it’s recordable! You get video feeds from that micro camera and flip the record switch on the monitor and you’ll get the video saved on the Micro SD Card. This is a very convenient FPV package because you don’t even need your own camera, it is included in this Mini package.

GoPro Hero3 Combo Cable

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